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Looks like TimelyMD is not currently working with Texas A&M University - Central Texas, but we would love to partner!

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We work with colleges and universities across the nation to deliver 24/7 medical and mental health care via telehealth (on your phone/laptop) -- the best part is visits are free for students at our partner campuses.* Our completely customized program gives students access to board certified physicians and licensed mental health providers anytime, anywhere.

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We’d love you to try a visit with a TimelyMD provider. Just go to, create a login and start your visit. Enter code TRYTMD to get 20% off the visit cost.

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If you’re interested in getting free visits for students on your campus, want to invite TimelyMD to your campus or just want to learn more about the program, please fill out the information below.

*Institutional agreement covers the cost of care.

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